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Making and Baking Instructions


A baking tray

1/4 metric cup (50ml) tap water

Your cat’s all time favourite tin or satchel or home made food (max 125gm)

If using a “broth” cat food, drain the liquid before adding

Other suggestions your cat may enjoy are sardines, mackerel or tinned tuna (max 125gm)

Some cats may enjoy fresh meat such as chicken, beef or fresh fish (max 125gm)*

– pre-cook before mixing.

*Fresh meat will required an extra 1 tsp of oil

1: Put the MIX & BAKE Kitty Cat Treats mix into your mixing machine bowl or food processor.

Add water & your cat’s all time favourite food (max 125gm).

Mix well to form a smooth paste.

2: Immediately spoon your mixture into your piping bag & snip off one centimetre from

the tip of the piping bag.  Pipe the mixture onto a lightly greased baking

tray in rows.  Cut with a butter knife at approx 5mm intervals along each row

– this makes them easy to break once baked.

3: Bake in a preheated 180°C oven for about 20 – 30 minutes depending upon how

wet your cat food is.  Check there is no moisture in the treats then turn the oven off.

Allow to cool in the oven.

Makes over 200 cat sized treats.

Wipe out your resealable Mix & Bake bag & store your treats for up to 4 weeks (or freeze).

Intended as a reward or treat and does not replace your cat’s regular food.

INGREDIENTS: wheat flour, beef liver, oat bran, soy crumble, rice flour,

cheese powder, herbs, natural ham flavouring, dried tuna, dried vegetables (approx 1 gm).